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What in the World is a Blog? .........Web + Log

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Blogging Basics for the Classroom:

TeachersFirst’s step by step guide to blogs in the classroom, complete with the What, How, and Why of blogging, examples, and blog tool suggestions

From Will Richardson's Wiki:

Blogging the Verb

  • Posting assignments. (Not blogging)
  • Journaling, i.e. “This is what I did today.” (Not blogging)
  • Posting links (Not blogging)
  • Links with descriptive annotation, i.e. “This site is about…” (Not really blogging either, but getting close depending on the depth of the description.)
  • Links with analysis that gets into the meaning of the content being linked. (A simple form of blogging.)
  • Reflective, meta-cognitive writing on practice without links. (Complex writing, but simple blogging, I think. Commenting would probably fall in here somewhere.)
  • Links with analysis and synthesis that articulates a deeper understanding or relationship to the content being linked and written with potential audience response in mind. (Real blogging)
  • Extended analysis and synthesis over a longer period of time that builds on previous posts, links and comments. (Complex blogging)


The Edublogs Blogs Directory

The Edublogs Blogs Directory - A directory of blogs on Edublogs ordered by various content areas. Take a peek and see how your colleagues are using blogs in the classroom and beyond.
Challenge Yourself To Blog

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Student Blogging Challenge
  • March and September each year
  • 10 weeks of challenges
  • Improve student commenting and blogging skills
  • Interact with classrooms all over the globe

OR - Pick A Challenge!

- Get Blogging With Students
- Kick Start Your Blogging
handy.pngSample from Step 1:
The class blog is the central hub that connects your student blogs together; making it easier to share their learning, interact with each other and a global audience.
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How-To Help for Student Blogging

How-To Help for Personal Blogging*


WordPress Tutorials

Part 1 from WordPress series from pixelboutique:

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Blogger Tour From Google;

Blogger training videos part one on-line training videos. Part of site. Blogger Training Video:


Etiquette and Safety or Rules of Engagement

From Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano on Langwitches
Also from Langwitches:Blogging Guide; and


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How blogging contributes to 21st century learning: Two Views

21st century literacies – it’s all in Blogging!

Key Concepts of Blogging for Personal Knowledge Construction

blogging.pngThis link takes you to the Scoop-it on this topic