We have six computer labs for your use. Please review the lab schedule and process (coming) to reserve lab times.
(old lab schedule here (Intranet only) and send an email to Nick Frank to request lab time).

Additionally, there are 18 wireless laptops available for checkout


Document Cameras


Please review equipment policy below:

Use Guidelines

  • The purpose of Northern High School computer lab facilities is to make modern computer equipment and software available to students for hands-on classroom instruction, homework, research, and other school-related activities.
  • The computing labs are intended for academic use by students, faculty, and staff of Forest Hills Public Schools.
  • It is required for accountability purposes that you sign-in each time you visit the lab
  • Students must be supervised to be in the labs
  • Everyone must reasonably clean up after themselves when leaving i.e., push in the chair, throw away garbage, and leave the desk in the same manner they would want to approach it.
  • Food and drink products in the computer lab is not permitted under any circumstances
  • Game playing is not permitted (unless course specific)
  • Do not move equipment or furniture from their current locations, with the exception of chairs, which should be returned to their original position when leaving
  • Users with disabilities are requested to ask a staff member for assistance if they should require a physical accommodation (such as moving a monitor, place of a trackball mouse, etc.)
  • Do not disconnect any equipment from or attempt to connect any equipment to computer lab equipment or network other than a thumb drive
  • Software installation is not permitted by anyone other than staff
  • Demonstrate good manners and show consideration for those with whom you share the laboratory equipment. Leave the Windows desktop and program defaults as you found them.
  • Theft and/or vandalism will not be tolerated
  • The computers in the computing centers will not be used to view disruptive, offensive, or inappropriate materials. Any debate on offensive material will be at the discretion of the staff.

Internet access is provided through our network to promote education and research. Inappropriate use of the network will result in cancellation of those privileges.

Use of Campus Computers, Networks, Internet Access, and Computer Labs is governed by Forest Hills Public School’s Acceptable Use Policy and the Computer Lab Procedures and Rules.

By using the Computer Labs you are agreeing to follow the Acceptable Use Policy, which is posted in the Computer Labs, and to abide by the Computer Lab Procedures and Rules, which are listed above and on the following pages.