Computer Support Process at Forest Hills
Your first contact is your building TLT. Email is preferred as we are often providing support away from our desk. Email serves as a sort of recording system as well.

When to call? For any sort of problem you might be having with your hardware or software. We can help. If you are looking for any sort of technology training, let us know and we'll work to direct you to the right resources. We do not have a centralized process for evaluating technology purchases, but are happy to provide what guidance we can.

Forest Hills Northern High School TLT's
Anne Spiegel
Nick Frank
  1. For non-urgent matters, email tech help.
  2. If your matter is urgent, and you are unable to contact your TLT, phone CETT at 4341

If a problem cannot be resolved by the TLT, they will automatically escalate your problem to the computer or network technician depending on the nature of the issue. It is usually not necessary for you to contact a technician directly unless you are unable to reach your building’s TLT.

Please - don't wait until you are totally frustrated - call well before that!

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