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Instructions for FHPS specific processes and procedures.

How to...

FHPS Tech Help - Important how to's on the FHPS network from our extraordinary CETT team, includes Groupwise, CIMS, printer installation directions and much more.

Improve web-based program performance (CIMS), by deleting browing history

IMPROVE performance do not run add-on tools like Diigo, Evernote, and other bookmarking tools continuously!!!

Install printer with iPrint

The instructions with graphics can be found at: http://staff.fhps.us/ > > Printer Installation Instructions.

1. Double click on the iPrint icon in your NAL window
2. Click on “Select Your Building” then scroll and click on your school.
3. On the building map click the printer you want as your default printer.
4. Check “Set printer as default” box when the Novel iPrint window appears
5. If asked, click ‘Continue Anyway’ and ‘OK’ at the ‘installed successfully’ message.

Repeat the directions above (without checking set printer as default) to add other printers.
If you receive a Sophos message during install, please restart your computer and start the installation again.

If you have any questions, please email Tech Help.

Log onto a Windows 7 laptop

Manage display settings for monitor and projector (NVIDIA)


Especially on public equipment, run programs from the NAL window as a rule...why...

What's on the drive I:FREE

Keyboard shortcuts:

Share Folders

Virus/Malware info - If you don't install it, it won't be there - the flashing warning anti-virus message is usually a hoax to get you to install malware (bad virus software). Don't click and install. You may call your tech support or end task or run malwarebytes as instructed by clicking the following link, as you are comfortable. Oftentimes, Alt-F4 will close the malicious window without installing the malware.

How to Burn Disks: