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"The illiterate of the 21st century won't be those who can't read & write but those who can't learn unlearn & relearn" - Alvin Toffler

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Would your students fall for this?

How to Save the Endangered Tree Octopus

Many do:

Teaching our kids to think critically

Suggestions for discernment:

Finding good information on the internet

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Information Literacy Standards - The Standards

Information Literacy Standards More Information -

Informaton Literacy Standards, Performance Indicators and Outcomes-

Information Literacy Curriculum

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Information Fluency
Information Fluency

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Web Literacy Logo
Web Literacy Logo

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The Unquiet Library Media21 Program

Portal to Media Literacy, Michael Wesch

Information R/evolution, Michael Wesch


Innovative school learning environment wiki

15 Outstanding Tools to Collect, Organize and Share Your Web Experience

Common Sense Media: Digital Footprint Intro from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.

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