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See me, email me, copy and insert your own wiki page, fill out a form, just communicate with your media tech center support. Check out the Technology Focus Schedule below and sign up to share in the technology focus opportunity, request a Class Project Collaboration page, or request a Technology Focus lesson based on your specific needs.

Class Project Collaboration

The thought here is to provide a format to request help or to develop your own research pathfinders for class projects. Research pathfinders are directives to guide the student to go beyond a simple internet search to pursue quality information and to produce quality work. The Information Literacy Standards, "to assess, evaluate and use information well, and to develop an independent learner who pursues, appreciates, and strives for excellence in the process of information seeking and knowledge generation" are all largely developed with these simple directive tools. It's a bonus to have a central depository for rubrics, guidelines, and checkpoints necessary for the student to accomplish the project goals.

Class Project Collaboration Template

Use the following template to build or request Class Project Technology Wiki Pages. Your class project will be assembled on its own page in the Student Technology Wiki, with a link to it from the Student Resource Website. You can make your own by copying and creating a page in the Student Wiki, here, or shoot me an email and I can put it up for you. You'll need to let me know to add a link on the student website. Another option is to create your own Wikispace(s). You could have a separate wiki for each course, or just a page for each in one wiki; whatever makes sense to you. The Class Project pages could then be located on your space.

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Class Project Template

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Teacher's Tools

Intro to Media/Technology Center Resources and
Tools, Basic How to Reminders

How to Log in
Acceptable Use Policy
Technology Use Guidelines

About Halo, Gaming and inappropirate use of FHPS technology resources, or I hope to persuade you that there are some better ways to spend your energy and resources

How to access at home, smart strategies, safety, monitor grades

About Digital File Conversion: Pitfalls and Best Practices

FH Web Resources, teacher pages

How to check out materials
Media Center resources
Database Tools
Intelligent Search Tools
How to use video resources on FHPS network
How to Cite

Student Resource Website, Schoolcenter
Outline Future Goals for Information and Tech Literacy

Blog, Survey Needs, Class Project Templates
How to Wiki
All need to rotate in ***
For Halo, Gaming, and etc, need clear and enforcable policy guidelines. Which games are acceptable, Do we load them on system? how about a permission slip from parents that allows access to certain games. they aren't supposed to load stuff, that's pretty standard. ( how does that work with Web 2.0 development tools.)

How about 300 words with pros and cons for Halo specifically and gaming in general. Good stuff about why World of Warcraft is educational. any game building tools they could play with instead?

World of Warcraft Invades Language Arts Class

Video resource guidelines and standards
Survey Teacher's tech proficiency and requests (Mankato)
Finish or expand on items in Sep List
Implement Class Project Helps, Survey Requests
presentation software
Dashboards, filters, organizing info, PLE, PLN, Curation
Book Review Contest?
FHN Link Graphics Contest?
By Class as requested
Teachers want to know how to:
Use SmartBoard
Webpages? (Wiki)