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Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher
An Internet Hotlist on Web 2.0
created by Sue Summerford
Introduction | Blog-Podcast-Vlog-Screencast Resources | Collaboration-Wiki Sites | Online Productivity/Organization Tools | Online Teacher Resources & Fun Stuff To Try | Some really good blogs to start reading . . . | eLenawee Course Links

The links below are categorized to help you find Web 2.0 tools that might be of use to the K-12 classroom teacher.
(Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that the individual teacher carefully preview any sites before sharing materials in the classroom with students!)

(last visited 01-08-2011 - This list is revisited every few months to keep it active but is no longer regularly updated with new resources. A big thank you to all who shared this list and made good use of the resources. From time to time I may still add new ones that I find useful in these categories. I'm glad so many have found it helpful.)

The Internet Resources

Blog-Podcast-Vlog-Screencast Resources

Collaboration-Wiki Sites
  • Ajax-Write- web-based word processor – requires Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Audacity 'How-To' Screencast- Matt Pasiewicz on using Audacity
  • BitTorrent- download - share files & bandwidth
  • Blurb- create/publish your own book
  • Dropload- FTP large files – up to 100MB – share with others
  • - online portfolio/learning community, embed files, repositories (install on server) – designed for university people but applicable to K-12
  • Findory - set up your own news feeds
  • Forumer- forums for free, phpBB Hosting
  • Glypho Collab Book Writing - read/write novels collaboratively
  • Google Mars-
  • GroupSharp- provides hosted weblists, databases, documents & wikis for groups & businesses
  • Jotspot - Wiki-
  • Jotspotlive (JotNotes)- take one set of notes live in a collaborative meeting, see changes as they happen - everyone types on the same web page
  • Lulu- be your own publish – publish a book, CD, or DVD in minutes
  • Mind42- interesting toolsets related to other web 2.0 resources; collaborative mapping tool, add images, notes, 'todo' list
  • PBWiki- create your own wiki
  • Radio WillowWeb's FeedBurner Page-
  • Rallypoint- online collaboration tool
  • Scriblink- your online whiteboard for collaboration
  • Termites - Teacher-Created Software to Create Seating Plans That Work from Tiny Rock- check out this interesting new teacher-created software; try a free demo to see how easy it is to create seating charts based on relationships
  • Wiki Resources from Teach With Tech Blog- The official website for the 'Teach with Tech' podcast, presented by the Indiana University School of Education Instructional Consulting office. This podcast, and this blog, are designed to feature information and resources relevant to teaching with technology at the K-12 and higher education levels.
  • WikiBooks- free, open-content textbooks that you can edit
  • WikiCommons- everything 'media'
  • WikiQuotes- quotes from notable people & creative works in every language
  • WikiSource - The Free Library- Wiki Source – The Free Library – is an online collection of free content source texts built by its contributors.
  • WikiSpaces- Create simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together
  • WikiSpecies- open, free directory of species
  • WikiTour BusStop- starting point for Wiki newcomers
  • Wikipedia- Metawiki Search Engine
  • Wikiville- worldwide community portal – share about your town/neighborhood and read about others
  • Wiktionary- Wiktionary – free, collaborative multilingual dictionary resource
  • Worldwide Wiki: SwitchWiki - Worldwide Wiki: SwitchWiki – effort to catalogue all wikis on the Web
  • Writeboard- online whiteboard for sharing, Writeboard – online whiteboard for sharing, collaborating
  • ZohoWriter- Zoho Writer – create, edit & share online documents from anywhere
  • idPad - free download, collaborative authoring tool for kids

Online Productivity/Organization Tools
  • 30boxes- online calendar
  • 43Things- share your list of 43 life goals/priorities
  • Assign-A-Day Calendar Maker- online calendar
  • Backpack- project/list organization tool
  • Basecamp- project collaboration tool/communication – share files/schedules, & writeboards free, $$ limited free features
  • Blue Host- web hosting, own domain name, $6.95/mo.
  • Bubbleshare- your photos, your voice, your story - narrated slide show online
  • BudgetTracker- online budget tracker, money manager
  • Campfire- simple web-based group chat for businesses
  • Carbonmade- free online portfolio site - show off your work
  • Create a Graph - all kinds of graphs can be created – save, share, print
  • Eyespot- mix & share video content – organize random clips – host & share out
  • Flickr- sign in to share photos (part of Yahoo)
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets- create/collaborate/share - free online word processing/spreadsheet creation tools from Google - tracks revisions
  • Google Web Page Creator- Google Web Page Creator – create your own web pages quickly & easily (service not accepting new accounts at this time – sign up for gmail to join waiting list
  • GoogleAlert- track your interests on the web
  • Groupboard- Groupboard lets you set up a multi-user whiteboard and put it onto your web page. Teachers have been using Groupboard for over 10 years for tutoring and distance learning.
  • JotSpot- take one set of notes live in a collaborative meeting, see changes as they happen
  • Krunch ( compress & uncompress files online
  • Letterfu- one page fold & mail letter template
  • LiveMarks- live feed - watch live updates, then go exploring
  • Mob5- create a mobile homepage
  • MoonEdit- free download; multi-user collaborative text editor
  • NumSum- online spreadsheet
  • Pageflakes- your personalized startpage to the Web
  • Photojojo- subscribe to photo newsletter for great tips
  • Picaboo- create online picture albums
  • PrimoPDF- free PDF converter
  • Projects (miscellaneous)- learn Chinese, collective poetry, other Google map related applications, shared programming apps
  • RSS Calendar- share your calendar with others
  • Remember the Milk- manage tasks & receive reminders (email, SMS, IM)
  • Skobee- online planning/scheduline tool
  • Skrbl- online whiteboard p2p site
  • Skype- voice over IP – telephone through the computer (free calls within US/Canada)
  • Snapfish- photosharing
  • Springdoo- video email online made easy – no attachments
  • SuperGlu- piecing your web content together in one place
  • Ta-da List Maker- make lists & get stuff done!
  • Tabblo- online photo sharing templates
  • Think Free Office Suite Online- create MS Office compatible docs, spreadsheets presentations free online – 1 GB file storage
  • create your own Internet broadcast tv show in minutes with a camera and an Internet connection
  • Voicethread- A place to capture the voices behind your pictures
  • WebNotes- online notes to share (Jim Wenzloff’s practice site)
  • Wridea- create pages & categories to manage your projects & ideas
  • Writely- web word processor (currently closed to new registrants while being moved to Google servers)
  • start storing your favorite websites on, access them from anywhere!
  • gOFFICE - Word & limited desktop publishing online
  • iOutliner- create online outline for projects
  • iRows- online spreadsheet
  • snipurl- snip your long URLS to make them easier to remember
  • voo2do - track/organize/prioritize tasks & projects

Online Teacher Resources & Fun Stuff To Try

Some really good blogs to start reading . . .

eLenawee Course Links

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