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Welcome to Forest Hills Northern High School Wiki.

This is a place to gather tips, tricks, and how to's for technology in the classroom...

The pages and links on this wiki are categorized to help you find technology tools and tips that might be of use to the classroom teacher. The goal is, in each category, to keep to the most relevant, interesting, and innovative links rather than a massive collection. We will revisit this list from time to time to keep it active and accurate, but please understand that with the rapid changes on the web, links may break. Keep me posted if you find any broken links, and I'll try to update.

(Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that the individual teacher carefully preview any sites before sharing materials in the classroom with students!)

Feel free to add your favorite technology tips to the site. If you are willing to be a tech mentor and share what you've learned about technology in your classroom, add your name and email to the applicable technology under, "You can contact me!" One of the best pages to start our collaboration is the FHPS Technology Share. Another is Teacher Resources with links ordered by various subjects.
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I am working on a student wiki...let me know if you need links for class projects organized there.

Indeed, the role I give the computer is that of a carrier of cultural 'germs' or 'seeds' whose intellectual products will not need technological support once they take root in an actively growing mind.” Seymour Papert

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